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Hello! My name is Devon and I'm a gamer. Of table top RPGs, specifically. Since a very young age, I found myself fascinated with games and wanted to make them. At first, it was video games, but once I discovered table top roleplaying games, I was hooked! I've done a lot of things with table top RPGs: playing, running, podcasting, designing, and publishing. It's been a wild ride, so far, and there's plenty of road left to travel.

This little site, while perhaps underwhelming, is the perfect platform for me right now. I'm glad you're giving it a look and I hope you find something here of interest.


June 10th, 2020 - I reposted an old blog post, "Why #soloRPG?"

June 7th, 2020 - I added a blog page and made my first (temporary) post!

June 6th, 2020 - I discovered Neocities and decided that it would be fun to code my own web pages and have them here, where it's free and fun!